Technological development

Through the ENERMAT technological platform and in partnership with the CNRS laboratory PROMES, integrated services and analyzes for public laboratories and industry (large groups, start-ups) are provided. The aim is to support innovation projects and development of new materials and processes, solar materials and energy processes.

The services offered are:

  • Provision of CESP’s test infrastructures (2-axis solar tracker and reliability bench) to test and develop prototypes.
  • Characterization of materials for the development of selective layers eg. (high resolution imaging, optical imaging, surface mapping, 3D imaging, tribological study of surfaces, analysis of chemical bonds).
  • Optical measurements (emissivity, transmissivity, absoptivity). These measurements carried out in Odeillo solar oven have the particularity of being able to be performed at high temperature (up to 500 ° C) under concentrated solar flux and for tubular samples as well.

The platform also offers to companies and / or to external research teams offices and technical halls to develop their innovative projects nearest to research equipments and research teams.