1_PROMES8-036The CESP is an accredited laboratory specialized in matters related with the building industry. The activity of the laboratory, which belongs to the University of Perpignan.

It is focalized towards 3 axes: solar material testing, calibration of measuring devices, and support to the innovative companies.

The main activity of the CESP is the characterization of the thermal performance and reliability of solar collectors with fluid transfer. Afterward, the laboratory has developed a set of services to answer all kind of demands in relation with solar energy (thermal, photovoltaic, structures…). The CESP is offering one of the largest ranges of services related to solar equipment testing (glazed and unglazed solar collectors, hybrid collectors and concentration collectors).

The laboratory has created a department for the calibration of CO2 and temperature sensors. Temperature calibrations are performed in a climatic chamber (-40°C ; +180°C) which allow furthermore aging tests on a wide range of materials. The CESP services are internationally recognized thanks to the accreditation COFRAC ISO 17025.




The accreditation of CESP is covering the following activities:

  • Thermal performance and reliability testing of liquid heating collectors (EN 12975 and ISO 9806). CESP is affiliate with the certification body EUROVENT CERTITA to supply tests reports for Solar Keymark and CSTBât certifications on solar thermal collectors. 
    Brochure Solar Keymark (ESTIF)
    Brochure CSTBât
  • Calibration of CO2 sensors.


Its location in the heart of the Tecnosud activity area in Perpignan, contributes to benefit of a strong cooperation with the laboratory CNRS PROMES (Process materials and solar energy). PROMES wich is able to supply optical measurements (emissivity, transmissivity, absorptivity) in high temperature up to 500°C for solar absorbers.

Moreover, the CESP is able to support any innovative projects related to renewable energies and the building industry. Scientists’s  laoratory have already carried out investigations on matters related to photovoltaic panels, solar energy with concentration, hybrid solar panels, resistance of structures.

All the team of the CESP remains at your disposal for any request .