Solar certification

Solar thermal products and systems are a voluntary approach demonstrating to end-users that a product or a system is conform to relevant standards and fulfils additional requirements.  Performance and fiability of solar thermal componants and systems are tested by accredited ISO 17025 laboratories.  The CESP is one of them and is affiliated to french (QBât), European (Solar Keymark) and international (Global Solar Certification) certification networks.

Solar Keymark Certification 

skSolar Keymark certification has been established in order to certified high quality solar thermal products and systems at the European level. The aim is to reduce trade barriers and promote the use of high quality solar thermal products in the European market and beyond.  Tests reports issued from Solar Keymark certification can be used to obtain an “avis technique”. The Solar Keymark is a CEN/CENELEC European mark scheme, dedicated to:

  • Solar thermal collectors (based on European standard EN 12975 and EN/ISO 9806)
  • Solar thermal systems, storages and controllers (based on European standard series EN12976 and series EN 12977)

Solar Keymark certification can be issued only by certification body affiliated at the Solar Keymark network. Manufacturers wishing to start a certification process have to fulfill factory production control chiefly based on ISO 9001 requirements.

The CESP is affiliated at the following certification bodies : Eurovent Certita Certification and Din Certco

Solar Keymark brochure

QBât Certification

Qbât certification is coupled with an “avis technique” which is an approach advocated in France to obtain the ten-year guarantee on building products. Mark scheme certified thermal performances of non pressure solar water heaters (thermosiphon), integrated collectors storage unit and solar thermal collectors. QBât certification is issued by ther certification body EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION.


Global Solar Certification Network

The aim of “Global Solar Certification Network” (GSCN) is to facilitate cross-border trading for manufacturers and other suppliers of solar thermal products; its objective is to minimize the need for re-testing and re-certification in each new country where products are to be marketed and sold. The concept of “Global Solar Certification” is being implemented for solar thermal collectors and is based on the test procedures given ISO 9806. The “Global Solar Certification Network” is a cooperation between solar certification bodies/schemes around the world. When a product has been certified by one of the participating certification bodies/schemes, the product can obtain certification from other participating certification schemes without re-testing of the product and without re-inspection of production facilities.

List of certification schemes where GSCN can be applied :

  • Solar Keymark (Europe)
  • CABR / CGC (China)
  • SCHAMCI (North Africa and Middle East)