CESP is a part of the technical plateform ENERMAT from the University of Perpignan and it is closely associated with the research laboratory CNRS PROMES (French National Centre for Scientific Research) engaged in solar issues for 20 years.

CESP is an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory focused on tests of solar products and calibration of sensors intended for building quality.

The main activity of the CESP is the characterization of thermal performances and reliability of solar thermal collectors. The CESP is offering one of the largest ranges of services related to solar equipment testing (glazed and unglazed solar collectors, hybrid collectors and concentration collectors).

The second activity of the laboratory is the calibration of CO2 and temperature sensors  used for monitoring and controled the building quality.

Furthermore, CESP is able to support any innovative projects related to renewable energies and building industry.

All the CESP team remains at your disposal for any request .